The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS)

Medicare card holders are entitled to receive subsidised prescription medications.

A price ceiling has been set, known as the “general” category whereby no entitlement exists for any additional subsidisation.

Further subsidy is provided to the following “beneficiary” categories:

  • Pension
  • Repatriation
  • Health card concession
  • Commonwealth Seniors

Safety Net Scheme

The PBS established a maximum level of expenditure (PBS base price, excluding all premiums) incurred in a calendar year. Thereafter, the “safety net” is activated. The base prescription price is reduced for “general” to the lower “beneficiary” rate, and the “beneficiary” rate is reduced to free medication supply for the remainder of the calendar year.

Service & Delivery

  • Supply multidose administration aids (DAA’s)
  • Supply all unpacked medication and special orders
  • Supply comprehensive pharmacy service manual
  • Focus on meeting the Aged Care Standards
  • Quality use of medicines programme
  • Resident Medication Management Reviews conducted

Service Review & Assessment

  • Aged care services provision commenced in 1994
  • Experience in small and larger facilities, low care, high care and ageing in place

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